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We are pleased to announce that we have added an ASSOCIATE LISTINGS to our site services.  Here, we have entered into a loose affiliation with several local businesses, for the purposes of mutual promotion.

We will feature promos for those that have either provided us with help on our projects or simply for the purpose of mutual benefit.

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We are pleased to announce the latest projects to add to our portfolio!

Club Concept
Club Concept.
Club Concept has guided the development of $445 million of quality health clubs and spas. Our experience covers markets of all sizes, targeting middle class and upscale membership. Our expertise includes market studies, business plans, development services and operations consulting. Clients include club chains, mall owners, developers, hotels, resorts, hospitals, park districts and major worksites.

Western Canada Relief for Haiti
Western Canada Relief for Haiti.
This site is where you will find ways to assist Haiti in its recovery through local and International Agencies. By being a liaison between various government and private sector agencies, their objective is to provide not only financial assistance to the people of Haiti, but to also help provide the manpower to bring this to reality.

Traffic Demographic
Traffic Demographic.
Traffic Demographic brings an innovative concept to site evaluation. They study cars and drivers. Their technology yields accurate demographic and consumer data covering the people who visit and drive by target locations. For retail, real estate and outdoor media.

From Anecdote to Antidote
From Anecdote to Antidote.
This site is designed to let you get more acquainted with Dr. Klein and promote his new book launch for his most recent work entitled, From Anecdote to Antidote: 101 Medical Musings and Practical Prescriptions from a Humanitarian Healer.

New Age Alternative  Arts
New Age Alternative Arts.
As a wellness practitioner, Janet's mission through her work as a facilitator is to provide people with a means of “self-discovery”. Anyone who has an open mind, can begin taking self-responsibility to embrace these ancient arts, passed down through the centuries as guides to self-evolvement into a higher state of consciousness.

Enlightened Entertainer.
This is a community of conscious artists and entertainment professionals, committed to creating content that enlightens and entertains - promoting a quantum shift in the consciousness of the planet. Derek looks forward to helping you take it to the next level!

Derek Rydall.
A professional actor, screenwriter, singer/songwriter, and best-selling author ("I Could've Written a Better Movie than that!"), Derek Rydall is also a licensed spiritual therapist and founder of and, one of the fastest growing online firms for screenwriting and script consulting services. Derek has coached thousands of artists, professionals, and individuals from many walks of life, including Fortune 500 companies — helping them uncover their creative potential, find their authentic voice, live a more prosperous life, and fulfill their higher purpose.

Birgitta Visser Jewellery
Birgitta Visser Jewellery.
This site is where you will find a wide selection of beautiful, hand crafted jewellery. She uses only the finest beads and materials, such as exotic glass beads, semi-precious stones, fresh water pearls, and Swarovski crystals. Every item is individually handcrafted. Each is guaranteed to be 'one of a kind'.

Comp cards

Comp cards
This is the newest feature added to our series of Digital Manipulation images.

With a professional photographer and our design team, we are designing two sided cards for models, actors, or anyone in the visual arts.
When in the industry you want a professional card you can leave for prospective employers. This not only looks professional, but will leave an attractive calling card!

Pregnancy Digital Manipulation

Pregnancy Digital Manipulation

Digital Manipulation
A new series of Digital Manipulation images. Comprised of tasteful photographs, artistically beautiful photos of mothers-to-be & their personal ultrasound image. This a great way to personalize a photo of you and your baby.

Photography by:
Aperture Photographics

Digital images and photos combined to create beautiful personal art from a pregnancy photo and an ultrasound.

For more info and pricing on having your special time beautifully captured, and cherished memories preserved, contact us for the price package for you.


Watch for our updated Pricing! Our pricing will be outlined more in-depth and include individual pricing for Premium (portraits/ glamorizing etc.) and Basic (item removal, picture elements corrections/alterations etc.) Techniques.

For more information, feel free to contact us and arrange an appointment, we look forward to hearing from you.

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